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How much do the services cost?

Our pricing is customized based on services which can be structured to meet the needs of all clients. Our contact information is here.

Can you accommodate clients outside of California?

Yes! Clients outside of California receive the same services. The expedited mailing services, scanning, and faxing, when needed, are used to achieve faster processing time.

What is your average turn around time?

On average, our turn around time is 5-7 business days depending on the amount of processing.

Do you follow up with clients if information is missing from the application?

Yes! MediQuin requests missing information from the client to ensure a complete application packet. We establish structure and services for an open exchange of communication with our clients.

What credentialing criteria standards are used?

MediQuin’ s customizable service targets individual client specifications and specific group requirements accordance with the current standards set forth by NCQA, URAC and JCAHO

Do you follow-up with CAQH quarterly attestations?

Yes! MediQuin maintains and responds to CAQH queries every quarter. We maintain their document requirements and updates in accordance to your instructions.




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