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MediQuin provides hospital privileging services for both first time applicants and re-applicants. We make certain that our providers have active privileges with their affiliate hospitals. The process is customized to meet the criteria of each client’s hospital requirements. The provider’s involvement and participation in the process will guarantee timely and accurate submission of forms. MediQuin staff will monitor the process and actively assist the medical staff office to resolve any questions and keep the procedure on course. 

First time Applicants

Applications for first time privileging are requested from affiliated hospitals. Appointments for Medical Staff, Clinical Privilege Delineation, Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules and Regulations can take up to 120 days for approval.

Reappointment Applicants

Applications for reappointment are sent out 180 days prior to the expiration of medical staff membership. The early mailing is done to allow adequate time over the ensuring weeks for verification of all of the submitted information and subsequent review by the Department Chairs, Credentials Committee and Medical Executive Committee. Final approval is granted by the Board of Trustees.

MediQuin completes the application in a timely fashion as not to have uninterrupted continuation of your medical staff membership and privileges, the late return of reappointment applications create an unnecessary increase in work and credentialing costs for the client and the medical staff office.



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